Hotel Dos Patios is a sanctuary born in the heart of Queretaro from a family and home spirit that has been evolving throughout time, and today it hosts the energy of special mandalas. The whole place was remodeled under the conception of bringing peace and vitality to its guests; vibration, color and pureness are spirit guides of those who inhabit this place. Through our holistic concept, and Nikté center we aim to create an experience for your your stay that is full of love, peace, tranquility and gratitude elevating your spirit to a greater level.



Hotel Dos Patios is a hotel that believes in family and communion of work. Our mission is to cultivate your inner peace and fulfillment, inspiring the idea of health through love and joy. Honesty, loyalty, and tranquility are the core pillars of our work and we believe in gratitude over the blessings we receive, to ensure our guests experience the benefits in every stay.

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