Nikté is a space of well-being, guided through the energy of love in its heart, and life in its flower, symbolizing the connection between our existence with mother Earth in its petals. Its objective is to be a sacred recinct of healing manifest, searching to activate and harmonize the energy of those who inhabit in it. It represents abundance and prosperity, clarifying the  conscience and opening the heart to love. It cultivates confidence in ourselves to believe that we are the most perfect creative manifest of God, limiting the ego by performing our life mission. It is symbol of sacred maternity being a light portal as an origin point of life, such as being conscious of the duality of universe, generating a common union through discernment of unconscious process and manifesting energy in a conscious level and the involution of this to the center, to the unconscious.



A través de nuestros talleres te vas a sentir en armonía con los elementos, con tu energía interior a través del Yoga, con el amor de tu pareja con nuestra terapia de Tantra, con tu energía positiva y de sanación con el Reiki. Podrás meditar acompañado de Cuencos o en nuestras Danzas Circulares; te llenaremos de paz a través de nuestras terapias de Reflexología y crearemos conciencia y bienestar a través de Muccam, unas pláticas diseñadas para prevenir el cáncer en mujeres. Generando una común unión a través del discernimiento de procesos inconscientes y manifestando energía en nivel consciente así como la involución de esta hacia el centro, al inconsciente.

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